At GC Home Improvements we aim to ensure that you get the best possible value for money and quality of workmanship that you should receive.  
Our team are trained to the highest level and we only carry out a professional and high standard of work. 

GC Home Improvements can give your home the face-lift it deserves. 

We will give your roofline the full treatment by making sure all roof rafters, noggins, tiling and felt is up to scratch. we use top rated pvc products (swish) so you can rest assured knowing that the look and value will be added to your home. Fitting fascia and soffits, protects all the timber rafters from the ever-changing British weather.  
After years of exposure, our weather can cause condensation, damp and decay. Here at GC we are experts in fitting facias and soffits in your area. Eliminate your roofline problems by replacing your fascia, soffits, barge-boards and cladding with brand new pvc products. 
We believe in 100% satisfaction for our business, so we give the same to you. 

What to expect from properly installed fascia’s and gutters  

1. We remove the first row of tiles to reveal the eaves. 
2. Cut back the corroding edge from the existing roof felt. 
3. REMOVE all gutters and wooden fascia and soffit boards to end up with bare rafters. 
4. Apply wood treatment to all rafter ends to kill bugs and rot etc. 
5. Tanalised timber is then fixed to sides of joist to ensure the run is plum and levels. 
6. Soffit, fascia and guttering is now fixed in place to the new noggins. 
7. Over fascia vents are installed to the top of fascia to allow the correct ventilation to your roof 
8. Then the eave protection system (EPS) slides under the felt with bird stop comb to ensure your pest free 
And after we’ve installed your brand new roof-trim, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it comes with our 10-year guarantee and a free gutter clean and joint check after 2 years of installation. 

We can offer a wide range of colours  

Contact us today for a FREE quote or advice - 0116 367 0307 | 07946 195 715 

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